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  • commented 2017-10-07 12:16:36 -0400
  • commented 2017-08-19 21:00:28 -0400
    What is Jim Thomson doing trying to place people in the north. We can’t take care of our people.
  • commented 2017-07-22 06:10:35 -0400
    Rosabel Edney
  • commented 2017-07-20 08:54:04 -0400
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  • commented 2017-05-29 08:56:48 -0400
    SB3 makes voting much more difficult and is totally unnecessary. I work hard to educate and encourage young people to learn about issues and to vote their conscience. This bill will discourage them and other voters. Please do not vote in favor of this attack on democracy.
  • commented 2017-05-13 07:08:38 -0400
    I need to express my opinion please, I recently watched a news story where you said people want to smoke marijuana for the “feel good” effect. Maybe if you felt like I did everyday you would change that. Pumping man made potentially addicting drugs into my system to feel good is ok, when a natural option is available I will use it like the other harmful choices, this one is the safer. Please reconsider your views. Heroin is more of a problem,,,people are dying from it. Marijuana don’t need your attention.
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  • commented 2017-04-24 12:22:04 -0400
    Dear Senator,

    Please do not pass SB3. In a true democracy, it is necessary for citizens to have fewer obstacles and SB3 would complicate the access to vote for many voters. Thank you.
  • commented 2017-04-02 13:00:42 -0400
    I am writing to you regarding HB-531 which is now somewhere in the Senate.  I fear there may be some misunderstanding among representatives and I am hoping that you can help to make sure this bill is understood.

    I heard that some legislators believe that this bill, if passed, would cost the state lost revenue.  Actually, I believe it will result in a huge saving of tax dollars.  Here is why:

    Currently, almost all business owners with gross revenue between $50K and $100K are required to file NH-1040 and NH BPT-Summary, but pay zero tax.  This is because they are allowed to write off net profit as compensation.  So, zero revenue to NH, but significant cost to the business owners who often pay a CPA $150 or more to prepare these forms.  Meanwhile, the state must spend many thousands of dollars (nobody knows how much) to process all of this unnecessary paperwork.  Those returns just clog up the system and are no benefit to anyone.

    Significantly, the threshold has not been raised since 1993 !!

    In 1993, the threshold amount was raised from $12K to $50K, but it has not been reviewed since.  I think it is time.

    Thank you.  Sincerely,

    Larry Schwartz

    Registered Tax Return Preparer and Site Coordinator for the largest VITA Site in New Hampshire

  • commented 2017-03-29 19:06:21 -0400
    I am an undeclared NH voter from Lebanon who opposes the content and very spirit of SB3. This bill cannot be disguised as anything but suppression of Democratic votes. While this may be in the interest of Republican Senators, it seriously diminishes the civil ethic of one person:one vote. This is a deeply troubled time when conscientious citizens are trying to remain informed and active participants. The timing of the hearing on SB3 does not make thoughtful reflection and dialogue possible. Stacking major, politically inspired bills, one on top of another, both in the State and at the federal level, disenfranchises the very “citizen yeomen” our founding fathers sought to cultivate. Please oppose the ill-advised SB3.
  • commented 2017-03-09 10:26:49 -0500
    Good Morning Bob,

    Thank you again for joining our Veterans Day Lunch in Orford, it was so nice to be able to serve you as a Veteran and also a newly elected Senator!

    I would love to bring our Girl Scout Troop to visit the Sate House and I’m hoping we can make it on a day you will be there and could meet with us for a few minutes. I have emailed Viki Schwaegler as well, and we are very open this Spring!

    Best, hoping that the girls get a chance to meet and hear from a couple of our elected officials!

  • commented 2017-03-06 12:32:00 -0500
    Dear Senator Giuda, please uphold voting rights and oppose SB 3. I also agree with Joanne Bernard’s comment about HB 578 and ask you to oppose HB 578.

    Thank you.

    Clare Eckert, Plymouth, NH
  • commented 2017-03-06 08:59:03 -0500
    Senator Guida,

    I’m asking you to oppose HB 578, which restricts the rights of women to make private medical decisions later in pregnancy and chips away at abortion rights in New Hampshire. New Hampshire has a long bipartisan tradition of supporting abortion rights under Roe v. Wade, and I hope you uphold these rights for women in the Granite State.

    Joanne Bernard
  • commented 2017-01-23 17:46:06 -0500
    Dear Senator Guida,

    Please do not vote in favor of the inappropriately named “Right To Work” legislation. I am a member of a union, and I depend on that union to bargain in good faith. The work I do is difficult to measure because I am a teacher. We are currently facing a decline in the number of young men and women who want to become teachers because it is hard work and generally underpaid. Many people do not understand or appreciate the behind-the-scenes work that a teacher performs. A good teacher does make the job look easy. If teachers do not have the power of the union behind them, we will soon find all of our students suffering. When our students suffer, our society suffers. Please do not pass this legislation.
  • commented 2016-10-21 18:56:46 -0400
    Mr. Giuda,

    I’m a Dorchester resident who attended your presentation at a Selectboard meeting. I appreciate your positions, but in my opinion as a republican moderate, you are “way in left field” on the planned parenthood and abortion issue. Women should have choice, and government should stay out of their personal decisions. If you care to prosecute that gender as Mr Trump has advocated, then you should prosecute the man or men who impregnated them. To me this this issue has defined the current republican party. In this election, I have decided to vote the democratic ticket for both state and federal offices. For The aforementioned reasons a response is is not needed. I just needed to impart my feelings after receiving your latest political flier.


    Albert J. Franz

    Wright Tavern Farm

    Dorchester, NH
  • commented 2016-10-16 17:29:45 -0400
    please move or take down the large sign at the corner of 118 and rt 25 in rumney. when you approach the intetsection from 118..the view to the right blocks oncoming traffic.
  • commented 2016-07-25 18:34:02 -0400
    Democratic Convention Schedule

    Monday, July 25, 2016

    11:15 AM

    Free lunch, medical marijuana, and bus ride to the Convention

    Forms distributed for Food Stamp enrollment.

    1:30 PM

    Group Voter Registration for Illegal Immigrants.

    3:15 PM

    Address on “Being the Real You”

    Rachel Dolezal, former Head of the Seattle NAACP and

    Caitlyn Jenner

    4:30 PM

    “How to Bank $200 Million as a Public Servant and claim to be broke”

    Hillary Clinton

    4:45 PM

    How to have a successful career without ever having a job, and still avoid paying taxes!

    A Seminar Moderated by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson

    5:00 PM

    Medals of Freedom presentation to Army deserter Bo Bergdahl for serving with Honor and Distinction

    National Security Advisor Susan Rice

    5:30 PM

    Invitation-only Autograph Session souvenir photographs of Hillary and Chelsea dodging sniper fire in Bosnia

    6:30 PM

    General vote on praising Baltimore rioters, and on using the terminology “Alternative Shoppers” instead of “Looters"

    7:30 PM

    Breakout session with Bill Clinton for women on avoiding the upcoming draft

    8:30 PM

    The White House “Semantics Committee” Meeting general vote on re-branding “Muslim Terrorism” as “Random Acts of Islamic Over-Exuberance”

    9:00 PM

    “Liberal Bias in Media“ How we can make it work for you!

    Tutorial sponsored by CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, PBS, The Washington Post and the New York Times

    With Guest Speaker, Brian Williams

    9:15 PM

    Tribute Film to the Brave Freedom Fighters still incarcerated at GITMO

    Michael Moore

    9:45 PM

    Personal Finance Seminar – “Businesses Don’t Create Jobs”

    Special guest Pocahontas aka Elizabeth Warren

    11:00 PM

    Short film, “Setting Up Your Own Illegal Email Server While Serving in A Cabinet Post and How to Pretend It’s No Big Deal”

    Hosted by Hillary Clinton

    11:30 PM

    Official Nomination of Hillary

    Bill Maher and Chris Matthews
  • commented 2016-07-24 11:52:22 -0400
    Rumble Strip Meeting, Plymouth NH Town Hall Monday July 25th 6:00pm
  • commented 2016-07-09 19:43:41 -0400
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