A Brief Bio

image1a.jpgBob Giuda was born in February, 1952, and raised in the northeastern United States. He graduated from Pittsfield (NH) High School in 1970 with high honors, and from the United States Naval Academy in June, 1975 with a Bachelor of Science in Operations Analysis. After graduation, he served as a commissioned officer and carrier-based attack pilot in the United States Marine Corps, reaching the rank of Captain and receiving several citations, decorations and awards for his service.

After leaving the Marine Corps, Bob served our nation as an FBI Agent, working against drug trafficking until his love of flying led him back to aviation. He joined United Airlines as a pilot in 1986, and is currently an international Boeing 777 Captain. He will retire at the end of this year to the family home in Warren, nestled amid the White Mountain National Forest.

Bob served Warren as a Selectman for 4 years, and represented the surrounding communities for 3 terms (6 years) as a State Representative. While in the Legislature, he spent two terms on the Ways and Means Committee, successfully opposing proposed sales and income taxes, and helping address inequities in education funding. He also served on the Rules and Labor Committees, and was appointed Deputy Majority Leader of the House because of his effective leadership.

Shortly after 9/11 (during his first term), Bob led a successful national grassroots effort to pass legislation to train and arm airline pilots as a deterrent to future terrorist hijackings. During the 2005-2006 session, he was the Prime Sponsor of New Hampshire’s successful Eminent Domain Constitutional Amendment addressing the controversial Kelo vs. New London CT (US Supreme Court) case. As a result of that Amendment, no private land in New Hampshire can ever be taken by local, county or state government and given to a private entity for development or other purposes.

As a strong supporter of human rights, Bob and his friend, the late Hon. “Saggy” Tahir of Manchester traveled at their own expense to Kashmir to focus international attention on atrocities being committed in that part of the world. He sponsored and shepherded a Joint Resolution through the NH House and Senate that resulted in hearings exposing and decrying these atrocities in the US House.

As past owner of several small businesses, he fully understands the rigors facing our NH business community. He consistently supported legislation to sensibly reduce regulatory and tax burdens. Currently Warren Town Moderator, he also serves on the Warren School Board, dealing with curriculum issues, budgets, contracts and personnel matters. He is Commander of American Legion Post 76 in Rumney.

Bob’s wife Christine served our nation as a Navy Nurse. They’ve been married almost 35 years, and have 3 grown children. Joseph, Lauren and Stephanie, and 1 grandson.

Bob loves the outdoors, and enjoys hunting, fishing and gardening. He loves sharing the unique beauty of our state with his grandson. And as his ongoing history of public service shows, he remains committed to working hard to ensure a sound and healthy future for New Hampshire’s people, businesses and institutions.