Not More Government, Better Government

New Hampshire's business climate is among the least friendly in the US. As North Country manufacturers leave, and population continues to decline, the last thing we need is more state regulation of our businesses

Better Government

In a recent public forum, candidates were asked how we would make NH’s workplace more family friendly. Issues included minimum wage, health insurance, family medical leave, affordable workforce housing, etc.

In every instance, my opponent supported government intervention to address these issues. Yet not once did he suggest how to pay for them. This is a compelling difference between us, at a time when we are losing jobs and businesses in central New Hampshire. Hitchener left Littleton, the Citizen is gone, Ruger built in North Carolina, and EFI/Vu-tek is leaving Meredith – a net area loss of about 800 good jobs. THAT’S the problem we have to address. New government mandates will only increase taxes and pile more regulations on our already-over-regulated businesses.

I don’t view the lack of family-friendly benefits as a problem, I view it as a symptom. The problem is New Hampshire’s poor business climate, ranking us among the bottom 10 states in the US because of poor infrastructure, high energy costs, and an under-prepared workforce. Adding government-mandated benefits isn’t going to fix this.

Government’s job isn’t to tell employers how to run their businesses, it’s to create a healthy business environment so companies can flourish and provide the benefits my opponent believes our government should provide or mandate. If elected, I’ll work hard to further reduce business taxes, re-engineer public education to meet the needs of 21st century employers, attack the drug scourge killing our friends and our children, and put New Hampshire back on top.

We don’t need more government. We need better government. To deliver it, I need your vote on November 8th