Let’s Solve the Problem, Not Band-aid the Symptom

We have to steer the correct economic course, or our region will continue to shed jobs and employers. Recognizing the problem is key to relieving the symptoms of our sagging economy. Continue reading

Not More Government, Better Government

New Hampshire's business climate is among the least friendly in the US. As North Country manufacturers leave, and population continues to decline, the last thing we need is more state regulation of our businesses Continue reading

Workforce Readiness: Essential for Economic Growth

Without a reliable, capable workforce, businesses cannot expand or relocate to NH to provide the new jobs we need to improve economic opportunity in New Hampshire. We need to reform our education product so graduates are ready to enter the workforce the day they receive a high school diploma. Continue reading

Our Evolving Criminal Justice System

On Monday, I visited with Grafton County Attorney Lara Saffo for what was supposed to be a 1-hour session to help me better understand the workings of the Drug Court. Our session turned into a 2-1/2 hour comprehensive review of the NH criminal justice system, Grafton County crime trends, and new emerging crises for our law enforcement/prosecution teams.  Continue reading

Hassan’s Veto of SB324: Lobbyists Win, NH Loses

Gov. Hassan’s Veto of SB324 throws New Hampshire communities, businesses, taxpayers and school children under the bus of her political ambitions. The following is offered in response to a Veto Message rife with legalese lingo and implied consequences which are simply not true. Continue reading

Making Laws without Limits

Lawmakers attempt to solve problems by passing legislation. In almost every case, that legislation empowers a state agency to draft rules and procedures to deal with the issue at hand. But rarely, if ever, do lawmakers consider how to prevent overreaches by government agencies and their employees. The only recourse available to a citizen, business or institution is to go to court, often at great expense of time and money, to establish a clear definition of agency limits of authority, determined by unelected judges whose power comes from the very government being challenged by the citizen, business or institution. Continue reading

Government Spending in NH: The Devil Is In the (Fiscal) Details

Analyzing spending is an excellent way to determine organizational priorities. The Table below shows state spending at the beginning and the end of the last 10 years. Continue reading

Public Safety: Everyone’s Responsibility

The race to pass more laws after the massacre in Orlando only serves to highlight the fact that when someone intends to commit a horrific act of violence, laws don’t matter. Continue reading

State Budget Facts

Our biennial NH state budget is required by law (but not by the NH Constitution) to be balanced. The legislature receives input from state agencies, businesses, citizens, legislators, and lobbyists during the first year of the biennium. It develops a proposed budget, which then goes through the legislative process, requiring the House, Senate and Governor to agree on a fiscal plan that reflects the legislative priorities of the state, and funds those priorities for the next 2 years. Continue reading