Public Safety: Everyone’s Responsibility

The race to pass more laws after the massacre in Orlando only serves to highlight the fact that when someone intends to commit a horrific act of violence, laws don’t matter.


Legislators seem to believe that passing more laws will reduce mass killings, ignoring the fact that the laws they’ve already written essentially disarmed the American people and facilitated the very massacres they seek to prevent. Laws written to protect citizens by disarming them have only rendered them more vulnerable to acts of violence. Why? Because those intent on committing crimes, whether in a fit of passion or with full premeditation, don't care about laws, and actually benefit from a disarmed “victim pool.”

Government has conditioned us to be victims by promoting the myth that police can prevent crime, and that self-defense is unnecessary because we are a “safe” society. The right to carry a firearm has been increasingly infringed over the past 100 years by state and federal lawmakers, and tacitly accepted by a peace-loving American people that is only now facing the emerging threat of mass ideologically-driven killings. America’s threat environment is changing, and it is time to reassess the failed notion that public disarmament promotes public safety.

While police respond AFTER a crime, it is the intended victims who can respond DURING the crime, and thereby minimize the body count of an otherwise unopposed killer. We must come to grips with the fact that we are each ultimately responsible for our own safety and the safety of those around us. To deny this will simply enable more carnage.

Passing more laws will not stem violence. Reducing infringements on the right of law-abiding people to defend themselves most definitely will.