Let’s Solve the Problem, Not Band-aid the Symptom

We have to steer the correct economic course, or our region will continue to shed jobs and employers. Recognizing the problem is key to relieving the symptoms of our sagging economy.


Pilots use “Situational Awareness (SA)” to continuously deal with emergencies. If we don’t correctly differentiate between problems and symptoms, we waste time and resources and ultimately jeopardize lives. The same applies to making public policy. Government often wastes time and money treating symptoms without resolving the actual problem.

In the last 3 years, our District has lost 800 manufacturing jobs, and many town populations have decreased. I’ve visited your homes and businesses, and you’ve shared your worries: stagnant wages, skyrocketing health insurance costs, rising property taxes, deteriorating roads, and high energy costs. The underlying problem is a business climate that is driving employers away from our district and out of our state.

Rebuilding our regional economy means changing how NH treats businesses. Done right, we’ll attract new employers and enable existing businesses to provide better wages and benefits.

My opponent advocates increasing minimum wage, mandated company-paid sick leave, and paid family medical leave. These will relieve symptoms, but won’t solve the underlying problem. Consider Obamacare: it temporarily provided health insurance for some, but is now robbing it from many more because premiums and deductibles are skyrocketing. Government mandates ALWAYS increase operating expenses, and ultimately cost jobs and benefits.

Let’s not solve symptoms and make our already-bad business climate worse. Let’s attack the problem: high taxes, over-regulation, and an underprepared work force. To revitalize our economy, we need more jobs, not more government mandates at a time when we’re already losing valuable jobs and people.

I’m 100% committed to improving our lives and prosperity. To do it, I need your vote on November 8th